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Nurse Aide Evaluator

Registered nurses who meets the OBRA 1987-1989 standards of having at least one year of verifiable hands-on experience caring for the elderly or chronically ill of any age may apply to become a Nurse Aide Evaluator (NAE).  

RN Nurse Aide Evaluators must have a current nursing license in good standing or a compact license that applies to the state in which they will be administering the examination. They must carry their own malpractice insurance and have automobile liability insurance.  

Prior to administrating the NNAAP Examination, the applicant will be required to attend a two day training workshop and a one day observation/hands on examination with a current NACES Nurse Aide Evaluator.  After completion of the two day orientation, the RN will sign an agreement with NACES to become an independent contractor (1099) as a Nurse Aide Evaluator (NAE).

If qualified and interested:


Call NACES: 888-855-1685 or Fax resume: 877-696-2237

Regional Test Sites

NACES administers the NNAAP examination at Regional Test Sites. The Regional Test Site must provide a room in which the written/oral examination is administered and a skills laboratory setting that is set up to resemble a patient care room in a nursing home. The Regional Test Site is required to have all of the supplies and equipment necessary for the examination, including a fax machine in close proximity to the skills laboratory.

To find out more information, call NACES Plus, 888-855-1685.


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